PAYING HOMAGE TO OUR HISTORY: The choral programs at KCC have a long and varied history. Past conductors include Mr. Alfred G. Richards and long time conductor Mr. Gordon Smith, b oth of whom have lead the choral programs at KCC (Battle Creek Community College) with gre at distinction. This note honors their contribution to the arts in our community and to ou r college. Mr. Richards served as the founding director in the mid to late 1950′s. He w as succeeded by several other directors until the arrival of the esteemed Mr. Gordon Smith in the mid 1960′s. Mr. Smith held the position as the director of vocal music until hi s retirement from the college in 1985 (21 years). We celebrate the legacy of Mr. Richards and Mr. Smith by continuing their tradition of providing accessible choral experiences for all. Their legacy of musical excellence shall continue for years to come. Thank you Mr. R ichards and Mr. Smith! Mr. Alfred G. Richards (1956-1959) Mr. Gordon Smith (1964-1985) ~The Kellogg Community College Choirs Mr. Alfred G. Richards (1956-1959) Mr. Gordon Smit h (1964-1985) THEN & NOW PHOTOS

Dr. Gerald J. Blanchard
Director of Vocal Arts/ Music Area Coordinator
Conductor, Branch County Community Chorus
Kellogg Community College
450 North Ave. Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 965-3931 Ext. 2566