A reminder from Kellogg Choirs

Hi again,
Just a friendly reminder that Kellogg is raising money for: “HELP THE KELLOGG CHOIRS GET TO ITALY! ”

Will you show your support?
Yes! Take me to this page >>


Kellogg says…
Welcome to
Kellogg Choirs Italy Tour 2014
Online fundraising campaign

Greetings musical friends, supporters and choral colleagues!

The choirs at Kellogg Community College are slated to
go on its second European concert tour (in the colleges history) to
Italy during the summer of 2014. In order to make this happen, we need
support from all of you, our friends, supporters, families and fellow

If you wish to help us reach our massive financial
goal of $45,000 to help reduce the cost per student, please consider mailing in a contribution or making a direct online contribution from this website.
Below, there are several ways in which you may help:

For a direct mail in financial contribution, please send your check to:
Kellogg Community College
Vocal Arts Area: Choir Tour
450 North Ave.
Battle Creek, MI 49017

Make all checks payable to Kellogg Community College (Memo line: KCC Choirs)

Or for the fastest and easiest way to support us is to simply make your online contribution here on this site. Every dollar helps.

Thank You! Continue Reading >>

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