Let’s Make Beautiful Music Together!

Dear choristers, if you are seeking a singing opportunity and have not yet registered for the Branch County Community Chorus as of yet, please do so ASAP! Remember the “C” course is for non-credit and costs only $50 for the whole semester. The BCCC and other ensembles at Kellogg Community College are available for credit or non-credit. Register today and make some fantastic music this coming year with a group of fun, energetic folks. Also remember, there is opportunity to travel to Europe with our KCC Choral Union this coming summer 2014. If you desire further information on the Branch County Community Chorus or any KCC choral group, please call (269) 965-3931 ext. 2566 or email blanchardg@kellogg.edu for greater detail.


Non-auditioned choirs:
Kellogg Singers- MUSI 105 or MUSI C105 (Battle Creek, MI)
Branch County Community Chorus- MUSI 104 or MUSI C104 (Coldwater, MI)

Concentus- MUSI 109 or C109 (Battle Creek, MI)
Opera Workshop- MUSI 297 or MUSI C297 (Battle Creek, MI)

Dr. Gerald J. Blanchard
Director of Vocal Arts Area
Coordinator of Individualized Music Lessons
Conductor, Branch County Community Chorus
Kellogg Community College
450 North Ave. Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 965-3931 Ext. 2566
Email: blanchardg@kellogg.edu
Web: http://www.kellogg.edu/performart

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